/review feature?


I’‘m looking into wildfire jabber as a replacement for a lily server (http://tinyurl.com/lcv8j (wikipedia)). In particular, I’'m in want of a feature that Lily supports, which is “/review”. This feature allows a user to join a chat group and then see the recent history on that group. It useful in a workplace environment where users can join at the end of a day and see a history of all conversations that too place.

Is there a mechanism to support this using Wildfire? So far, all that I’‘ve been able to find is individual client or server-based logging, which doesn’'t quite match.




Hi Alan,

I don’'t use lily, but I suppose the /review fuction in lily is a server-based logging that provides daily logging of chat messages. This is not available in Wildfire. However, as you may already know, wildfire provides 3 history settings:

Don’'t show history

Show Entire Chat history

Show a Specific Number of Messages

Those are available in Group Chat->History Settings of Wildfire Admin Console. Of all three, I think the closest match to your need might be the third option.

You might also want to take a look at http://sourceforge.net/projects/iball-auditor. There several threads here that talk about iball that you might want to search.

Hi Alan,

as aznidin said there is no such feature available currently, but one could of course write a Wildfire Plugin to intercepts MUC messages or a server-side chatbot and handle a “/review [lines|date]” command if the server is configured to store MUC logs. I’‘d love to see something similar to create a PDF report and send it via xmpp filetransfer or email. Unfortunately I don’'t have much time to write such a Plugin

Update: I did take a look at http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0045.html#enter-managehistory and so I assume that this is possible right now.

Actually Spark does not offer to configure the behavior, so it could be a little bit tricky to get the desired amount.


The Group Chat History Settings option does work very nicely. When you join a chat it displays the last X number of lines of chat, but only since the server was last rebooted.

The i-ball chat auditor will also log all chats into a table, it’'s fairly trivial to pull data from the table and display it to a web page. Here is how I did it, my database is MSSQL, server is IIS, pages are ASP with vbscript. I am a poor programmer, this is more functional than elegant. Shoot me a message if you can do better: http://manx.hopto.org/source/

I did a similiar way. Use MySQL, apache, perl as well as with MySQL, IIS, VBscript. It’'s fairly easy to make the report in your own way.

I’‘m looking for a way to authenticate user login so I can create Access Control List (ACL) based on the user level. If it’‘s administrator previllege, that person can view all logs from his/her own group. This can do this with perl module Net::Jabber. Have been looking for similar module for VBscript to authenticate user with jabber/xmpp/wildfire but still haven’'t find luck yet.

If there is a way to authenticate from the database table with encryptedPassword, I can make it work too but it’‘s not easy to compare the encrypted password in the database table since it’'s using 24 byte Blowfish.

If anyone know how or where to get the module to authenticate with VBscript, please let me know.