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Revival of the Asterisk-IM project!

I am happy to announce that we are bringing back one of our older projects from the grave: the Asterisk-IM project! This project was started in 2005 by Jive Software, and can be used to integrate the Asterisk platform in Openfire. Due to a lack of manpower over the last few years, development stalled. No longer!

We have found the most excellent @Marcelo Terres willing and able to take on the reigns as project lead for the project! Simultaneously a code contribution by Ron Arts brought back compatibility of the Asterisk-IM source code with both recent versions of Openfire, as well as Asterisk 13 - but more on that later, from Marcelo.

I am more than confident that the project is in good hands with Marcelo. Not only has Marcelo been a active manager of the primarily Brazilian-based Openfire community, he is heavily involved in the Asterisk project, going as far as to speaking on AstriCon 2016.

As of now, we restored references to the project in our Ignite Realtime community. There is some more work to be done: downloads still point to an older release, and we might be lacking a bit of project infrastructure (such as an issue tracker, dedicated community forum, etc), but I’ll leave that to Marcelo to put in place as he sees fit.

Marcelo, thanks for doing this! I’m excited to have you on board (as far as you weren’t already)!


I have Marcelo’s SystemInfo plugin lurking on my Openfire servers Great to see him getting more involved. I can help with the forums spaces. Though, there actually is a sub-forum Asterisk-IM and also a JIRA project Asterisk-IM - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Strange that i don’t see Asterisk-IM on the downloads page. If i remember correctly, we have removed it as it wasn’t compatible anymore (same as Fastpath Webchat).

Please let me know how I can help, I have limited java programming experience.

Hey @Jimmy - I suggest that you contact @Marcelo Terres directly, and see how you can help out. I can imagine that there’s a load of contributions that you can make to the project (testing, documentation, reviewing, community support) even without doing a lot of code!

This was a very exciting announcement to us - we really depend on the Asterisk-IM plugin and consequently have had to stay with Openfire 3.9.3 in order to keep Asterisk-IM working with a somewhat patched version of the asterisk-java jar.

We’ve tried to be patient on progress, but it has now been over six months and not a single post on progress or plans on the Asterisk-IM space:

Are we looking in the wrong place, is it just taking a while to get moving (we understand, life happens)? Is help needed on anything in particular - we will do so if possible.

I think it’s most probably the “life happened” scenario. I don’t see Marcelo in the group chat recently, so he is probably busy with something else. Well, he as at least posting something Asterisk related on his twitter, so you might try to contact him there Marcelo Terres (@mhterres) | Twitter

Yes it was. I got a response a couple of days ago.

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