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Right click to "Start a chat" on a user in MUC participant list is not opening chat window

Hi, do you guys face this issue — on MUC chat, if I right click on one of the participant’s name and select “Start a chat”, the chat window does not open and nothing happen. Other right click menu works ok.

Additionally, if I double click on the name (listed in the MUC participant), there is nothing happening. But if I do the same in the main roster (Contact), the chat window will appear as normal.

Appreciate any help to solve this or how to start troubleshooting to find the cause.
I am using Openfire 4.6.0 with Sparks 2.9.2; plugins: Bookmarks, Broadcast, Cert Manager, Client Control, DB Access, HTTP File Upload, Hazelcast, inVerse, Motd, Presence, Push Notification and Search. This OF is auth with LDAP.

Thanks in advance.

This bug was fixed in Spark 2.9.3, the release will be out in a couple of days.


Ah, thank you!!