Right to left languages ...?


i want to know whether Jive Messenger supports right to left languages …?

i tried it with miranda and gush in windows xp with arabic installed. I was able to write arabic in the window but when the message is sent the other user sees some jumbled up charecters.

Am i doing something wrong?

In the other case, i would be grateful if someone can point me to to some other jabber server which does so.

thanks in advance

Hi namsu,

This is an interesting question you asked. I’'m wondering if the jumbled up characters you are seeing is client issue rather than a server issue. The reason I suspect that this might be the case is that Messenger (and I would suspect most other XMPP/Jabber based servers) does not really read or do any sort of transformation to the body of a message packet. Like an email server, Messenger just looks at where a message wants to go and routes it as need be.

I’‘d be curious to know where along message route the characters are being jumbled. I’'m not familiar with Gush but I know with Miranda there is a way to turn on debugging where you can watch the xml traffic that is being sent/received. Also, you can turn on the message auditing feature in the Messenger Admin Console to see what the packets look like going to/from the server. So with all that debugging turned on you could figure out pretty quickly where the messages are getting jumbled.

Give it a shot and report back what you find.

Hope that helps,