Ring all Feature? Please

Currently I have set up Fastpath and it has already proven it’s weight in gold in just three days! I only have one suggestion that I would like to see if there is an option that I am missing or if it could be added to a future release.

We are a small business that is using Fastpath to generate leads from our website. It isn’t going to be utalized all the time and my queue will never be full. What i am wondering is if rather than “hunt group” messaging each user (a pop up shows up on one user’s screen at a time then they reject/ignore it and it moves on to the next) is if you can set up a “ringall” type of system. (Customer enters Queue pop up shows on all active agents not currently in a conversation first agent to click accept gets conversation) It may already have this feature and I am missing it if so let me know where it is. If not how hard would it be to program it? I’m not a “hacker” I know enough about linux to be dangerous and program small apps.

Other than this I LOVE Fastpath now that I’ve got it setup!

Interesting idea, though i have some thoughts about this. Won’t it create a situation when an agent will think “if i wait long enough, someone else will take that call”? Or, if agents are awarded for taking more calls, it will be hell of a race to take a call But in the ideal world i see no big difference. I can’t say in which case a call will be accepted faster. Anyway, Fastpath doesn’t have active developers currently, so it’s all in your hands if you really need that feature. Though it looks to me this is not a simple fix and will involve a lot of changes to the core queue managing code. Btw, not a developer either.

Thanks wroot, I know this is a bit unorthodox. Our people are commission based so in theory it would be a race to take the call. However, our agents are taking phone calls and live walk ins this means they may be on their computer, but unavailable to take a chat. Though if they are on a sales call they will be “on phone” thanks to Asterisk-IM. So I guess in theory it just would have to be rejected by someone talking to an in-store customer and thus transfered to the next agent. I love Open fire you guys have a great solution here and very knowledgable people supporting it.