Ring Event + Phone Mappings

Hi guys,

This is my first post here, first of all what great software :slight_smile:

Have have successfully setup Openfire 3.5.2 (this is using mysql database and is running on a pbxinaflash distro, centos 5.2) and everything seems to be working fine with the exception of two things.

  1. The “ringing” event just sets my status to “on the phone” is this now how it is, or should it saying “ringing” til I pick up? I am using Spark 2.5.8

  2. On the phone mapping section I can only see one device SIP/204 but not my two other extensions?

Any help on these two minor things would be greatly appreciated.


Karl Linley

Hi Karl,

  1. yes, the status does not make a difference between ringing or connected, the status is just “On the phone”

  2. What other channels do you use? Even if they are not in the drop down list you can still use the text field to enter the channel name manually.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the quick reply

  1. That explains it then, I was just reading some documentation and it mentioned it so I thought I must have a problem, but thats okay now I know.

  2. I had an install previous to this one (but had a major disaster at our office and lost everything) so now I have setup again and it only shows the one sip device, I am just a little confused why it isnt displaying them all, is there something I can check or change?



Are the other devices also SIP devices?

What does sip show peers show on the Asterisk CLI?

Sorry yes they are, I have 3 sip users, SIP/202, SIP/204 and SIP/504 only SIP/204 is showing.

If I do sip show peers I see all my extensions plus a trunk, so that shows me what I expect. I have also tried removing the server in the asterisk-im section and re-adding, I just get the same thing.



That’s not how it should be I’ll have a look at it.

In the meantime you can check if it works when you enter the channel manually.


I just thought of that as I posted my last reply, it seems to work fine, I get the popup for the incoming call and my status changes, so its not a problem I just wondered if I had done something wrong. As I had all of them in my list on the previous install (although my previous install was pbxinaflash v1.0 with older software). I will take the addon off and add it again, see if that helps.



We just got this Asterisk IM working today, I am very impressed! It is 10X as good as Hudlite (being that we can see the status of, and connect to users of multiple asterisk servers). But we are noticing this first issue today and it does cause some rather annoying things. We have people that get a lot of calls while they are away. It seems the if someone is set away, and their phone rings, there status is changed to “on the phone” when it is done ringing, the are now set to available, and the away message is gone.

If this could be changed to show that it is Ringing and then preserve the previous state, or even more ideally a dual state of “away - Ringing” than go back to previous state. Then the functionality of the Status messages will be greatly improved.

Thank you for such a solid program, even the linux version is smooth and functional

Thanks for your positive feedback!

The previous state should indeed be restored, that’s how Asterisk-IM is intended to work.

I’ll look at what might cause that bug. Are you running the latest versions of both Asterisk-IM and Openfire?


Everything was just downloaded Monday, so it should be the latest,

Openfire 3.5.2
Asterisk-IM Openfire Plugin 1.4.0
Spark 2.5.8

If there is any testing or debuging I can do to help let me know!

Thank you

I’ve tested the following scenario:

  • User is away

  • Phone call is placed -> user becomes away with message “On the phone”

  • Phone call ends -> original state (away) is restored

That works at least with the current snapshot (attached) for Openfire 3.6.0.

Can you test this version?
asterisk-im.jar (548490 Bytes)

Looks like updating OpenFire to 3.6.0 fixed it! Is the Asterisk-IM plugin you attached newer than 1.4.0? should I try that as well?

Yes, thats a snapshot of the upcoming 1.5.0 with an updates version of the Asterisk-Java library and a small change to make it compile againts Openfire 3.6.0.