Ring groups with Asterisk-IM

When a call goes to a ring group all users are shown as on phone once the call is picked up all users go back to Available including the one still on the phone.

Also possibly related possibly not if someone is on the phone for an extended time they go back to available even though they are still on the phone.

Using trixbox with Astrisk Call Manager 1.1

Openfire 3.7.0 with Asterisk-IM Openfire Plugin 1.4.0

I know ACM 1.1 may be my problem but I hope it isn’t or can be worked around

Found out what is causing it to change the status on existing calls but still unsure as to how to stop it.

When a call is picked up by a user in the ring group it sends out a hangup to all of those including the one that was on the phone before the ring group called in.

So it goes this way…

User1 is already on the phone. The ring group calls all phone on the ring group. Users 1-5 User2 picks up call in from ring group. Asterisk sends hangup command for Users 1-5 so according to Spark User1 is now available when he should still read “on Phone”