Roadmap for Smack 3.2

What’s open to make 3.2b2 a final? Are there features missing or is 3.2.b2 a version for testing. What’s the take from the Smack team with respect to an inclusion of Sm3.2.b2 into the current Spark trunk?


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I just released b2 a couple of days ago and basically I am waiting to hear if there are any issues with it. If I don’t get any major issues over the next couple of weeks I was planning on releasing it as version 3.2 as is. I am not planning on fixing any more current issues prior to the 3.2 release.

Sorry for pushing you again, but I’ve been waiting for ages for a new release with some of the known bugs fixed.

So: any news on the release?

All I can say is very soon. I expect to go another week or so and then do the actual release, barring any new problems popping up.

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Spark will go to 2.6.0 using the current Smack trunk on 3/25/2011 or 3/28/2011. This will give Smack some exposure in the sense of testing time. We are aiming at a Spark final 4 Weeks later. That might be a good date for Smack 3.2, too.

That sounds like a pretty good idea. There is another small bug or two that I will try to fix before that release, hopefully this weekend. I am only going to make some low risk changes at this point unless some drastic error pops up.

Any more changes to Smack besides the rev 12213?

There is one more that I want to add, but it is completely related to pubsub, but I don’t think Spark uses pubsub so I those changes will have no impact on you since you won’t exercise them. I am going to try getting that in tonight.