i am having troubles finding any documentation regarding ‘’’‘profile roaming’’’’, i would like to be enable users to sign in through my server with accounts from other servers.

any links/pointers appreciated.

Can you explain this a little more?

It sounds like you want someone to be able to log into the server with the account I dont think that is possible (or a good idea for security reasons).

yes, that is excatly what i want, for to be able to log in through, the idea behin this is to have a single centralized server through which to connect to all my IM accounts.


would an xmpp transport (similar to the ICQ/AIM/Yahoo Gateway) an option for you?

So your users will register and login at your server and use the transport to login at other servers.


Hi redduck666,

Such a request has been filed for the gateway plugin, GATE-74. Be sure to vote for it to raise its priority.