Roles and/or affiliations in XMPP and Wildfire

Good day.

I’'m considering Wildfire for a project, and would appreciate some feedback on what is possible.

All my users will have both an identity and character attribute. For example, Jill is a Martian, and Joe is an Earthling. Joe wants to know whenever a Martian logs in, and would like to be notified via an administrative message to his Jabber client when this event occurs. When Jill logs in, Joe is alerted not because Jill is on his buddy list, because a priori she is not, but rather because she is known to be a Martian.

The character attributes can reside in an external database and bestow on the user no additional privileges. it also occurred to me to use “affiliations”, which I understand to be an XMPP construct, but I’'m not sure if such constructs are meant to be used in the way I require. If at all possible, I would like to minimize dependence on the external database, but I accept it if I cannot.

The way I read the Wildfire docs, alerting Joe to Jill’‘s login event can probably be done through a Plugin, but I’'m not sure.

Can someone be kind enough to sketch the possibilities?

Thank you.