Roll Back to Openfire 4.0.3 Jars Needed!

Hello Good people, Please I need a roll back to the previous Openfire version above, I need some plugins I cant find as most links give 404 Error! The plugins I need are “OFMEET/OFFOCUS VERSIONS FOR OPENFIRE_4_0_3 JAR Files”. I had them before but I deleted them after upgrading to Openfire 4.1.5, but because of SSL authentication issues in current Openfire version I am facing, and advanced binary libraries of the Ofmeet/Offocus 0.9x versions in contrast to my old computer architecture I decided to roll back.

Thank you!

I don’t think offocus plugin existed before 4.1.5 version. Here’s 0.3.29 version of ofmeet. It was too large to attach here, so i have uploaded it here

Thank you very much my kind sir! This version of ofmeet and openfire 4.0.3 is so efficient in my opinion, its by far the best versions I’ve used.

On a side note sir, do you happen to know why I get a black screen in the meetings on my camera display? It does see my camera but it doesn’t show, but it kinda notes when am talking on the display, but just black screen.


I haven’t used Ofmeet myself. I just save older versions of plugins as people like you often need them.

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