Room Chat: Bug vs. Specification


I have set up rooms as members only and added a few users as “members”. Whenever I or one of the other users is trying to enter with Exodus, Exodus receives “The room has been destroyed for an unknown reason” (XML Debug shows error 406).

I have read some of the other threads, but nothing works except from one thing:

If I add the supposed members as “Admin” or “Owner”, they have no problem to join the chat room.

Is this a known issue? Something with the spec or a bug?

At least I hope that this might help others that try to set up members-only rooms (I am using jive 2.2.0 stable release under solaris with exodus 0.9.1 client, although I had the same phenomenon with jive under windows XP and Buddy clients).

Best regards


Hey Alex,

Have you checked the “Only login with registered nickname” checkbox? If you did then make sure that you are providing the correct nickname that was used for registering with room. If you are adding members from the Admin Console then this issue may be affecting you JM-353. BTW, feel free to vote for it to raise its priority. You can also try unchecking that checkbox so people may join using any nickname.


– Gato