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Room Configuration - Open Room changed to Members Only Room

I would like some help better understanding what the behavior should be for existing chat users in an Open Room that an owner changes to be Members Only.

I understand that chat users that are not present in the room have to be on the members list in order to be permitted into the room. But, what about the chat users that were in the room before it became a members only list?

Should the room essentially be “scrubbed” of all users that are not members?


i think all occupants will become members in the time the admin changes the room to members only

Currently nothing happens (check for membership probably only happens on join). Users already in the room can continue chatting. If they leave, they can’t join if they are not on the members list. To me it seems like a correct behavior. If you do a room members only you probably don’t want all current participant to automatically become members. Or you will have to go to Permissions page and manually remove everyone who doesn’t belong there.

Thanks for this explanation! It was difficult to tell from the XEP-0045 what the expected behavior is. Is what you are describing here what is implemented in Openfire currently?

Right now I see three options: 1) Kick everyone out, 2) Make everyone members, and 3) Leave it as is (as you described) - enforce on join.

I was replying from my own perspective, but XEP actually says:

If as a result of a change in the room configuration the room type is changed to members-only but there are non-members in the room, the service MUST remove any non-members from the room and include a status code of 322 in the presence unavailable stanzas sent to those users as well as any remaining occupants.

So, Openfire is not complaint with that. I guess you first need to add users as members and only then set room to members only, if you don’t want to kick everyone (if Openfire obeys this rule at some point).