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room.kickOccupant not working

Hi, I am buiding a group chat app with Flex. One requirement is that admin can kick users.

When I call kickOccupant on the room with the occupantNick and message nothing happens.

No error, no event is picked up in Room.as.

There should be a PresenceEvent.PRESENCE which comes into handleEvent and the kick is handled there as far as I can tell.

There is not even an error being returned.

The user doing the kicking has admin privileges and the user being kicked is a standard user.

the room has ‘Make room moderated’ checked.

can anyone suggest anything?


Could you:

  • Share working code

  • Version of XIFF

  • Name and version of the back end.

Perhaps related:


Hi thanks. Turns out the issue was the user needed to be added to the server as an admin for this to work.



Should investigate if this is the way the specification defines the rights.

I don’t have time for that at the moment, but if you want this to be fixed to be way it should, please check RFC and related XEP, and come back with the correct behaviour.