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Room.nickname not working when room is active


The nickname property doesn’‘t seem to work when the channel is active. The presence status that it’'s sent contains the current nickname, not the new one.

I changed line 1128 of the original Room.as from this:

var tempPresence:Presence = new Presence( getUserJID() );

to this:

var tempPresence:Presence = new Presence( getRoomJID() + “/” + pendingNickname );

…and it seems to work.

The nick change response is checked at line 662 and the private field containing the nickname is updated.

Let me know if the is correct.


Pablo Costantini


Sorry for the late response…I have filed this as a bug and added your fix to the Room.as. I just haven’'t had a chance to test it on our end. Thanks for your contributions!

  • Barry