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Room specific content filter & Failover clustering

Two questions in one!

Is there any planned support for altering the clustering plugin to support failover capabilities?

Also, Is there any planned support for allowing content filtering on specific rooms as opposed to a global dirty word filter? I’ve been doing some source code edits on both of these plugin java files, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Hi Rob,

There’s no immediate implementation in the works, from what I know.

As a side-note: failover in XMPP can leverage the power of DNS SRV records - they support weight and priority, which allow you to configure a secondary set of servers, if the primary set is unreachable.

I’m not aware of content filtering, I know that there’s a plugin that does this, but I’ve had little experience with it. The feature isn’t very popular outside of the US, it seems.

Understood, thanks for the quick response!

I’m going to see what I can do about implementing these features. If i can get anything working, I’ll let y’all know and maybe you can implement it in future releases/plugins.

We’re always happy to accept contributions. If you can, consider making pull requests against the relevant repositories on github!