RoomInfo patch for XIFF

This is my first contribution to the XIFF library. I’ve faxed in my contributor agreement today.


  • Allows you to query a MUC for room info using the InfoDiscoExtension.


  • allow an errorCallback to be passed to destroy() for a room.

  • when sending room invites, if the user invited is offline, openfire won’t store it offline unless the message has a body.

  • send along presence data with a ROOM_JOIN RoomEvent

  • sending subscription request didn’t properly put the RosterItemVO into pending status.

-Andrew Westberg (3795 Bytes)

Hi Andrew,

How can install you library? Im having some troubles with Conference in Openfire 3.7 with Spark, and think with this can be solved.

Anyway, its for openfire 3.7?

Thanks, sorry my low knowledge.


You need to have a source code version of XIFF. You can then use subversion to apply my .diff file to the code. You can use TortoiseSVN or other tool capable of handling diffs.


Hey Andrew,

Sorry for the late response, I’ll check out the code and try to get it added into the trunk as soon as I can.


  • Mark