Rooms created manually (i.e, using openfire Group Chat UI) not shown

I’m trying to create room through web service during a specific scenario in our app, the room has been created successfully, all required fields has been inserted into MUC tables (ofMucRoom, ofMucAffiliation, ofMucMember) in DB, but room users can’t see room with chat on Android and IOS

if there is more information needed I can provide

Any tutorial or article will be help,

Are you making direct inserts into DB with that web app? This is not the recommended way. You should use some sort of provider (maybe RestAPI plugin will work).

I intend to use Rest with php , but for now I did that for testing purposes , the problem is that the room not appear for members at all

MUC configuration is heavily cached in Openfire, so you should not write to the database directly. This can create data integrity issues, including data loss, if Openfire is running when changes are made to the database by other processes.

However, if you want to write into the database for testing purposes only, first shut down Openfire, then apply the database changes and restart the server.

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I just did what you mentioned above with same result, I would like to describe mobile screens to you may will that help:

regarding IOS : we are using XMPP sample from github connected with our server :

now : from side menu - > “contact” : this appear Just “1-1” contacts not appear any Room.

and from side menu “Chat Group”: this empty screen

regarding Android : we are using “XABBER” connected with our server :

in main chat list this appear Just “1-1” contacts .

& “conference” : Empty .

SO please advice .

Please Help