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Roster Cache

I’'m currently trying to figure out how to do one of the following:

  1. Remotely Clear the Roster Cache

  2. Not even have the Roster Cache

Reason why:

I’'m integrating IM into a social networking website, using WildFire/OpenFire (WildFire 3.2.3 actually ) as the backend. As it would be very intensive to have the “User” synchronization login to jabber each time to add the user, it adds it directly into the wildfire database. However, due to the Roster cache, the jabber server has to restart before it realized its backend database has been changed.


Justin Haygood



If you are not going to have your own Users database I think better idea for you is to add jabber users to OpenFire not directly to its database but via simple HTTP calls using userservice plugin.


To clarify:

I currently have Wildfire 3.2.3 using the site’'s user database for authentication, which works fairly flawlessly.

However, the site has a “friends” feature, and we want to integrate the “friends” list with the user’'s Jabber Roster via synchronization, so that mutual friends automatically have their friends added and approved, similar to LiveJournal.

Is there a HTTP API for this (both the ability to add a jid to a user’'s roster and have the other user, also on the same server, accept it)?

The current solution uses Smack in a semi-working environment, but its a bit nasty, involving using the Jabber protocol to add a user to the roster, and then logging in as their friend and accepting the request. Since the IM Service is still not live (cept for beta testers, and the Multi-User Chat via a custom written XIFF based chatroom), we’'d like to rewrite this to be a much more sane method before public release.