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Roster Contact Info Cached?

I recently swithed how our Wildfire Users authenticate. Previously, I had just used the embedded database and created users manually; the format I used for their names was LastName, FirstName. I’'ve since changed WildFire to use LDAP and authenticate our users against our Active Directory, which stores their display name in FirstName LastName format. This all works great, however, some of the users that had accounts manually created in the embedded database are still showing up on the roster using the format LastName, FirstName.

Here are my questions. First, does Spark store each client’'s roster, along with display name information/etc in the users Windows Profile or somewhere else on disk? If so, do I just need to delete that file to have the users show up on my roster as FirstName LastName? If not, what do I need to do to get these guys to show up using the correct format?


I assume that also when you are using LDAP the roster is stored in the embedded database. What you might see is that using LDAP the name which is added to the roster is created somehow different. As every user may edit the displayed name I assume that the displayed name is stored in the roster.

You should do nothing, it’'s all on the users to modify the names of their contacts in their roster. Anyhow you could shut down Wifi and edit the roster information stored in the embedded-db/wildfire.script file.