Roster in spark lost after AD ID renaming?


I have lost the roster in Spark after the AD ID was renamed in my organization. Such renaming was done due to AD ID standardization acroos the org. Can anyone pls help me how to retrieve the old roster? or to avoid losing the roster in future employees (whose IDs have not been renamed)?

Server: Openfire 3.4.3

Client: Spark 2.5.8

OS: Windows

Authentication: LDAP

– vinay

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Did you update your server settings with the new AD ID? If the structure didnt change the Roster shouldn’t change either. But you may need to update the AD Profile server settings.

What do you mean an AD ID rename? Could you provide an example? Also could you post your openfire.xml file (modify the info to maintain security)?


earlier my AD ID was vbagla, now it has been renamed to vbh0009876. my email still remains the same.
openfire1.xml (4526 Bytes)

What field in AD Users and Computers user properties are you changing? I modified your openfire.xml file to be more compatible with AD for vCards and Spark roster display.
openfire1.xml (4606 Bytes)

I just had the same thing happen to me. My AD username was changed from ralexander1 to rob.alexander and I lost all of my self-added contacts, my avatar, and my Fastpath group membership. However, I maintained my AD-based Openfire group membership.

This is the one thing that is preventing us from moving forward with changing the rest of our employees’ usernames. Can somebody please help me figure out how to avoid this problem?

This is somewhat similar to the Renaming an account discussion. Openfire has a User Service plugin. Can somebody please use that service to create a GUI to update (rename) usernames? That would be cool.

Don’t you just need to edit the “ofRoster” table (easy enough if it’s mysql) - just write a query to change the “username” field from the old username to the new username and that should sort it out?

I guess you could edit the database directly, Dougie, but using the User Service is better practice.