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Roster Issue:Problems after renaming users in client

So, i have filled our 55 users database today, created groups and assigned users to groups. It looks fine (especially nesting feature in Exodus). And after testing it for a while we’‘ve came to a problem. We’'ve installed latest Daily Build (2005-02-22), the problem is still there, though it act some what different now.

You can rename users in your roster in Exodus (or other clients). It’'s not a problem. But if this user is removed from this group (or moved to another). Roster do not updates correctly. Ex:

I have user in database (i mean in embedded):

username: jdoe

name: John Doe

i have assigned it to Group1

Now i want to move it to Group2, it’'s simple, i just remove in Group1 and add in Group2 in Admin Console.

Works fine.

  1. same user. But i have renamed it in my client’'s roster to John Jork

Now i want to move it to Group2, so i remove jdoe user in Group1 (in Admin Console), and i assign jdoe to Group2. Now it mess up. John Jork user appears in Group2 and stays in Group1. You can delete it in client roster in Group1 only when there is no such user in any group in Admin Console. After deleting it in client’‘s roster, you assign it to any group and it appears in the right place but with the original John Doe name. Renaming is lost, though it’‘s not a vital lost:) But you have play a lot with roster and AC to move user in client roster. We have 55 employes now, and all of them could try to rename users in rosters. And if one user is moving to another department… well:) We’'ll have to play with every client. And if 10 users are moving. Not convinient.

We have found one solution, not good one, but better. You can delete user in database, so it for sure dissapears in all rosters and groups (even renamed). And then you can add this user again and assign to Group2, and it will appear correctly, with John Doe name of course, so renaming is lost anyway. But you dont have to play with every Exodus, just with AC.

Pff… It looks not so horrible at home though:) We were just planing to start installing Exodus clients tomorrow, and have found this problem accidentically, heh. I think we will start using it, though some solution will be appreciated:)

Hey wroot,

What you have observed is the expected behavior of shared groups. Though I was not able to reproduce exactly what you have described. This is what I’'ve done:

Group A: (Show group in group members’’ rosters)

. user 0

. user 1

. Group B: (Show group in group members’’ rosters)

. user 2

. user 3

  1. Logged as user1 and renamed user0.

  2. Removed user0 from Group A and it was removed from user1’'s roster

  3. Added user0 to Group B

  4. Added user 1 to Group B and user0 appeared in user1’'s roster with the initial name (not the rename)

Other case I tested was adding user1 to Group B and then reran the previous case. And I obtained the same result that I got in my first test case (i.e. the rename was lost).

However, there is a way to preserve the rename done by the users. You will need to change the way you are moving users to other groups. Try adding the user first to the new group and then remove the user from the old group.


– Gato

thanx:) well, i will have to test it more, but maybe with 2.1.2 already. Because today computer with Jive server “died”. That is WinXP has gone mad (BSODs about registry etc.). So currently i dont have a playground for testing. Though we have copied jive’‘s folder to my computer, so DB is not lost i think. Anyway, i think fresh system will be ready only on next week, so we’'ll probably wait for a release:)

mad day heh:)

P.S. for now i can only say that we are using “show group in all rosters” for all groups. We just need them for our roster structurizing (hierarchy etc.). Well, wait until Monday;)

However, there is a way to preserve the rename done

by the users. You will need to change the way you are

moving users to other groups. Try adding the user

first to the new group and then remove the user from

the old group.

not working for me… As i said we use “Show group in all users’’ rosters” option for all groups. Now i have moved 2 users. First w/o renaming, i have removed user from old group and it was still in old place in roster. Then i’'ve added it to new group and it appeared in new group and dissapered in old one (though i still think it should dissapear immedtiatly after removing). Second user, i have renamed it first, then as you suggested i have added it to new group firstly (it appeared with renamed name), after this i remove it in old group, but it stays there. If i try to remove this user in new group it dissapears

correctly. But it sticks in old one.

w/o renaming i can substitute and add users in any way, but i cant make my users to not to rename their rosters. At this moment there is the only working way, is to delete user out of DB and add it again. So it dissapears in all groups for sure, but renaming is lost of course.

If it’'s the way shared groups should work, then i dont undestand it:) Can you explain?:slight_smile: