Roster management database with Openfire 3.3.2


My IM Server is based on Openfire 3.3.2, I am using MySQL database for user management and group management, so far the dependency on embedded hsql database of openfire has been removed by differently structured tables of MySQL, but I am still trying to provide roster management also from my MySQL database, could you tell me how much will it be efficient performance wise if I try to do so.

The MySQL database tables are different compare to hsql for each functionality, So what approach would be good for roster management considering codes of Roster package classes, if there any existing plugins related to this then tell me.


I am having difficulty following your post. Are you saying that you currently have openfire using your mysql database for its data?


Yes u r right, my server is using mysql for database, but difficulty is to configure roster related data from mysql database (in version 3.3.2), I want the server to communicate mysql for any roster related request / response, so far I have gone through the roster package code it seems there are too many changes required to achieve this.

I do not understand. What are you trying to do? The rosters should be managed either via the client and/or the openfire admin interface. There should be no need to do anything special with the database.