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Roster not Updating on Spark

I’‘m not sure if this is a Wildfire problem or a Spark problem. Basically, we have about 10 users set up and no one can see everyone. The first time a new user logs in (account just made) it works fine, then when they restart, or log off and on it doesn’'t show everyone. The only way for it to show all the groups back up is to manually go on the Wildfire backend and change the Roster Group settings to show to something and then back to show on all users rosters. I made a jpg with the roster for 3 clients and what the user summary on the control panel for wildfire actually was, you can look at it here:


On the group configuration there is about 4 groups, I have all the groups set to “Enable sharing group in rosters” and “Show group in all users’’ rosters.” I’‘m assuming that is what is needed to be done for the gruops to show up on everyone’‘s roster, but it doesn’'t seem to work correctly.

Actually, I just noticed that the reason that when the user would relog and it would hide is because when they relogged they were in a group. For the new user though it seems to work fine, then when I log back into my account it only shows the 3 people like in the screenshot. It makes no sense to me, so are there any suggestions of what I could try doing?



I went through and deleted my account and remade it, now everything seems to work fine for me. Why is that?

I Have the same problem.

I think it’'s wildfire problem.

I had the same problem on Wildfire 2.6.2 and 2.6.1. Remedy is to rollback to Wildfire server 2.6.0.

My server works fine with 2.6.0 (at least, I think it works fine, I have 40 users on my server and there are no complaints anymore).

ok, i come back to 2.6.0, tomorrow.