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Roster population question


I’m a new user on this forum, so forgive me if I missed a thread already discussing this.

I’ve installed Openfire on a linux server in my office. I also set up Spark for all the users (Windows primarily) to log in.

Using the admin account for Openfire I set up user accounts and groups manually. I also enabled the group sharing so that everyone can see everyone.

When other users log in, they can see each other and it works beautifully. When I log in to the account I made for myself, the roster doesn’t automatically populate and no one can see me nor can I see anyone else. When people send me messages I get them, but the users register as offline and when I try to add them I get an error saying I can’t add them to my contact list.

I tried uninstalling Spark and reinstalling it, but the same thing keeps occurring.

I’ve even tried making myself different user names and it still won’t work for me. Anyone have any ideas as to a way to fix this? Am I just missing something really easy?

This user has to be a member of one of these shared groups. Also this depends on sharing conditions you have setup (which groups shared to which groups).

hi garren,

create a group and put everybody in the same group.

probably will solve your problem.



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Thanks for the help guys. Making one massive group forced all the other groups I had made to propogate properly for me. I appreciate it!