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To Iain or Matt ,

I know that Presence and Roster are two separate things yet intertwined, I added a toString() method to your RosterEntry class to make it more easily usable as a DefaultMutableTreeNode but my question is should the Roster object change when another client disconnects(that is a presence unavailable is received?

Thanks for the input

Well, your actual roster doesn’'t change, but the visual display of the roster might. Many clients only show the list of roster entries that are online, or show the presence of each roster item in the list, etc. Does that answer your question?

BTW, if you share your change to RosterEntry, I’'d be happy to consider putting it into Smack.



Sorry matt,

I wasn’'t very concise in my question. One part of my gui is registered as a rosterListener. The way the current library is written would or would not trigger rosterModified. I expect it would not. I notice that the roster has a private class PresencePacketListener. I was thinking of addressing having the listeners firing there

if an unavailable was sent so that only “available” and other RosterEntry members would be displayed… Does this make sense to you

thanks in advance

I’'ll add a feature request to the issue tracker to add another method to RosterListener that is triggered whenever the presence of someone in the roster changes.