Roster provider?

I have successfully created my own Auth and User providers, however, I am wondering how I can provide the user with a static roster on authentication? There are very few examples and very little documentation on extending Openfire in this way.

Basically I have a third party API that I want to authenticate to, and pull a list of users to put on the roster from. How do I do this?


I am also working on same type of problem. I also completed my own Auth And User Providers. By which I am to authenticate by ejb application server. I also need to pull the roster information from this existing server.

The existing server provide web based interface for chat. I have to classify the user present in my existing server and openfire when I pull roster information And also provide a mechanism to invite users on existing server.

I also need own VcardProvider also and VCard is also based on visibilty of VCad. If a user made his profile visiblity false then not to provide Vcard to requesting user.

Can Any Body Help in this…

Thanks …

You can easily implement a vcard provider, by creating a new class that implements VCardProvider.

At some point in the past, you could do the RosterItemProvider by implementing RosterItemProvider, however, the current version does not seem to support this. I can’t imagine that we are the only people who want to build a roster from an external source that isn’t LDAP or a database - why is there no documentation covering how to do this?

This post can help you… by using this patch