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Roster refresh after manual change in database


i have use jive messenger with mssql - a idea of my system is to give my users a jabber account - to do this i must synchronize two database - to reslove this problem i use on my users database trigger’‘s for insert, update, delete - they update’'s my jive jabber database.

Additional problem is that the triggers create dynamic rosters for users - on database everything look’‘s ok, but on jabber comunicator like PSI i don’'t have see changes make on database.

Looking on this forum i found a massage with information that jive messenger is caching informations from database in them self.

Now my question is - how to disable this function or how to force synchronization jive - database

I nead a help !!

if memory serves me correct (and someone will correct me if i’'m not correct in my assumption that i am correct), the only way to refresh it is to stop and start the services.

it’'s the really only way ??

it’'s the really only way ??

Unfortunately, it probably is. You could probably hack the Messenger code to make it work but that will cause it’'s own set of problems, especially when it comes time to upgrade. The best thing to do is to integrate Messenger and your existing application at the Messenger API level instead of manually inserting/updating/deleting records at the database level.



If you leave Jive to its own devices for an hour or two, the changes to the roster will appear.

This is something that I have to do from time to time to overcome a problem in our chosen client (Psi). As we use server defined groups (a marvellous feature), sometimes users want to create their own groups. Although Psi allows contacts to exist in more than one group, there is no way (currently, fingers crossed for the next release), to do this from the client.

I have a PHP script that just manipulates the DB to create user defined groups. It’'s not exactly instant, but it seems to work. However,there is roster management planned for the admin console in 2.2 (beta 2) (JM-65).

Don’'t know if that is of any use.