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Roster/Status doesn't update

Hi All,

Testing my new openfire server, but having some issues…here is my setup:

CentOS 5.2, MySQL DB, OpenLDAP Integration…

I am using the “contact list group sharing” feature, and have about 8 groups enabled for all users.

I have 2 users connected to the server, both members of the same group. When I first login, they will correctly show the status of the other user. If while logged in, the other users logs out/logs in/updates status message…the changes are not reflected. The logged in user will continue to see the status that appears when they first logged in.

Using Spark 2.5.8 on one computer and 2.6.0b2 on the other.

Any help would be great appreciated, thanks!


I should add that even when the rosters aren’t updating properly, I can successfully send messages between users.

Issue resolved.

I updated my ldap.SearchFilter & ldap.groupSearchFilter to be a bit more selective about what gets imported/looked up in LDAP.

I had been getting some error messages about ldap groups, now I am not, and things are working properly.


Bill I am having the identical problem with very close to the same setup. Do you think you could let me know exactly what you did to fix the problem?

Any help is appreciated.