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Rosters items are not stored in openfire Database

Hi all,

When i am get connect to IM Client ( using Spark ) , before that i created a new user in which it stored in openfire database under table Ofuser.

so there after i entered gateway registration credentials for Gmail, so my intention is i should able to see all roster items ( offfline mode ) in my openfire database under ofroster Table.

is it possible to store the roster items in openfire database.

Eg : username : Vaass ( IM User ) --> getRosterItems( Friends List ).

so for this i have gone through the code from ( *RosterItemProvider.java, Roster.java, RosterManager.java )

as we are retrieving the RosterItems from RosterItemProvider.java Class ( using Method getItems() ).

so why i am not able to store the roster items in openfire database (ofroster ). when i am login to respected Gateway.

is there any alternative for this to enabled any option in OpenfireXmpp Server to see list of rostertiems.

Kindly please go through my problem,