Round 2, those having issues with disappearing contacts and such

Hi folk, would you mind trying this one? If this turns out to fix it, I’m going to be a tad annoyed.
gateway.jar (1176200 Bytes)

I’m going to take this a step further. After trying that first one and checking the results, please try this one as well. These are the last two things I can come up with that have changed at all. All of these things still fall under “why is Spark not handling this right”, unfortunately. However, at least once we narrow down what the problem really is, we can figure out why Spark doesn’t like it. Thanks y’all!
gateway.jar (1176205 Bytes)

First one shows ICQ General group on first login, but also shows offline contact in General. Looks like 1.0.2

Second behaves like 1.1.1 No ICQ General group shown on first startup.

Well you are the second report to say round 1 is working ‘correctly’-ish. That’s… disheartening. What’s happening in that one is this…

with 1.1.1, when a roster item is added to your list, you get one and only one roster stanza. The proper one that has the contact’s group and nickname and and proper subscription.

with that custom build, we revert to the overly noisy behavior of 1.0.2 where first you get one with “none” as subscription and no other settings, and then you get another right after it that REALLY sets stuff. double the traffic, half the fun. so why is Spark disliking this? That’s a wonderful question. It’s almost as if it’s not properly storing the roster item in the first place when it receives it. Like it does a partial store and then gets another update right after that makes it take it’s existing “busted” entry and fix it up. I’m going to look over the Spark code and see if I can track this down.

Oh and for reference, the second one is sending not only available presences upon you logging in, but also unavailable.

Sadly, either of these routes cuts down on my “wonderous” efficiency improvements. =(

So the second version the error of the AIM buddies group is not visible again as before. I will do further testing as the day progresses.

I had another idea as well. Assuming for the moment that your General or Buddies groups -only- have users from the legacy service in them. Try adding an XMPP contact into the group you keep seeing disappear, log out and back in (or do whatever you normally do to reproduce it) and lets see what happens! I’m wondering if that’s part of why I never see this. All of my groups are shared in that they have XMPP, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, etc users in them.

Well, I have to say that with this latest gateway and a new client (JAJC instead of Spark), all of my roster issues seemed to be solved right now. Great work.

Thanks! =)