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Route.all-resources sending same message several times


I have a problem with route.all-resources. I’ve enabled it, and when logged in to the same account several places, i do get the message on each account/resource. The problem is that i get the message 1 time for each user logged in(i think its 1 for each user. Its several messages anyway) on each resource. So if i’m logged in 7 times on the same account, and sends “hi” to the account, i get “hi” 7 times on each account/resource.

Any ideas on why this happends?

Ok, it seems like the amount of messages recieved doesnt have anything to do with the number of accounts logged in. Right now 7 users were logged in, but i only recieved the message 3 times on each resource

What client do you use and what version of Openfire?

Openfire 3.7.0I’ve been logged in with Strophe through my website and with iChat on osX, this is the clients which recieve the message several times. Now i’m sending through my browser with XMPPHP or JAXL, they both do it.

If i log in with ichat and send a message, its only being sent once.

This depends on the priority…if the user logged in has same priority then only it will route to all windows…i mean it routes to only those windows whose priority is same…

But all the logged in resourcs get the message. The problem is that they recieve the message several times. Now i’ve put a timestamp on the message, so i can see its the same message, and not the script running several times :S

Can’t reproduce this with Spark, Exodus and JBother clients. I have logged with user test on Spark and Exodus and have set same priority 2 on both. Then I have set route.all-resources to true and sent a message to user test from JBother client (logged as user test2). Both Spark and Exodus got 1 message. I susspect your Strophe client is sending multiple messages and this is not a Openfire issue. maybe it somehow sees how many real clients are logged in and then sends same amount of messages and as route to all is enabled, then Openfire routes all these messages to all resources.

I’m on centos with newest openfire. There’s plesk, apache and i’m using both ichat, strophe.js, XMPPHP and JAXL. It seems pretty random when the messages is recieved several times, but it happends both on strophe and ichat.

I’m only sending with xmpphp and jaxl, and only recieving with ichat and strophe(nothing is being sent from ichat and strophe). I recieve the messages several times on both ichat strophe, but only sometimes… I cant find the pattern of when the message is recieved several times or how many times the same message is being recieved.

Hi. I had same problem. Bug is on side of XMPPHP library, its outdated and not in devolop yet. Use JAXL library instead. With JAXL all works great. https://github.com/abhinavsingh/JAXL