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Route.all-resources - works until i reply from one resource

Hi there,

I would like to achieve something similar to Skype functionality in that regardless of which resource you reply from, all resources (i.e. clients) should get synced.

I have turned on route.all-resources in system properties.

So basically at the moment, and I assume by design, if I send a message from X to Y and Y is logged in on his computer and smartphone, then Y will receive the message on both devices.

But the moment Y replies from one of these devices, that becomes the dominant client and the other client of Y doesn’t receive the messages anymore.

If this is by design, fair enough. However I would like to have openfire ignore which client has priority. My friends and I would like all our logged in clients to receive all messages regardless which one we reply from.

Is this possible at all ?


Well, xmpp is not skype or imessage. This is by design. This setting only works when messages are beeing send to bare jid (user@server). But usually clients will direct replies to particular resource. Unless you change you clients to always send messages to bare jid, it won’t work for you. Also, this way you will only get incoming messages, but there is no way in xmpp to sync outgoing messages to all resources.