Route message to another user in the same group

hello ,

How to route a message to another online user in the same group if the user to whom the message was originally sent is offline.

Could anyone please tell me how to do this.

What i need is.

whether this is possible or not.

if yes, does it need lots of changes.

and the specific api, area where should i start looking into.


Hello newmember,

You will need to create a plugin that will do that work. Your plugin should use an OfflineMessageListener to detect when a message was sent to an offline user. Then use GroupManager#getGroups to get the shared groups of the offline user and finally use PresenceManager to detect group members that are online.


– Gato

Thank you very much…

This might be a very small and simple answer for you, but this is a very great help and very much important to me.

I will just check and apply what you have suggested.

Thanks again.