Routing a message to a agent which is log in using a Smack Client

I have coded my own smack client. I login as a registered user. This user is also a agent in fastpath. But fastpath could not recongnise that the agent is login.

While wildfire supports any XMPP compliant agent, we require that customers use Spark when using Fastpath (this is due to the Fastpath plugin that Spark uses).

Will i be able to just load the plugin into my smack client

I do not know–this is an unsupported environment so we have not tested it. We only support Fastpath with Spark.

At this time, it would not be possible due to the fact that Spark relies on the Workgroup API which is an extension to smack but has yet to be publicly released. However, we do intend on adding into the smack repository to allow for others to build their own routing clients if they wish.