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Routing Rule in FastPath

Would like to get a better understanding on the routing rules as regards to how one configure the mapping between form variables (session, http, cookies …) and the form value in the OpenFire admin console for FastPath. I created variables but then the Form value was removed as I select the variable I created. I can’'t seem to find any documentation as to how this really works.

How are you including your custom variables? In what page?

When testing this functionality myself, I just put some hidden fields (html input type=hidden) in the approrpiate page. Openfire saw them and used them appropriately.

I created the variables in HTML file and I defined them as hidden and input text fields in the admin - form variable. I’'m not certain about the differences between the variable types: session, cookie … and how the Jive server would determine the differences of the values within these variables.

What HTML file are you editing?

Session and Request are different scopes (input type=hidden is request).

Cookies are information developers can put in your system. So maybe if you go to a specific page a cookie is added, and then if you click webchat, you are redirected to due to having visited that page.

Not exactly the same but I have a related problem.

I have a encrypted cookie set from my jsp in a different application, and the route variable gets the encrypted cookie. I want to decrypt this variable and show the result as a name of the user in webchat. where should I make the change?