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Routing Rules

Hi, I work at a fx options sales desk…

What I’m trying to configure is a system where a customer can enter his userid and the trade he needs to execute and it will automatically be routed to his salesperson (ie client 100 should be linked to jack and client 150 should be linked to frank…)…that is, if both salesmen (agents) are online. If not, it should be forwarded immediately to any available agent.

So i setup username field, and routing rule to put the chat request in a queue that only that agent is a member of, and set overflow options to move the request to the allsales queue… but somehow, this is not working properly.

Is there any trick to get specific usernames that customers enter to be properly routed everytime to specific agents?


Also, is it possible that two agents enter the chat request at the same exact time? Like the customer sends out chat request need an overnight call…and his salesperson and a pricing agent are both invited to the chat at the same time?