Royal pain to install on FreeBSD

wildfire ,may be a great program but at this point i will never know due to the POS java that it requires.

After waisting 1 day trying to get java installed on a bsd fox i have decided to say screw it. as far as i concerned sun can take java and shove it up their ass


did you take a look at New wildfire port for FreeBSD?

There are some guys around who run Wildfire on FreeBSD.


maybe i jumped the gun

does wildfire require the full java install (50+ megs)+the linux files that go with that or does it just require jre?

which is a port and doesn’'t require all of the other java jdk mess?

Wildfire port is based on diablo-jdk15 port. It’‘s about 54MB, you don’‘t need to build it, because is’'s a binary port.

Just “cd /usr/ports/net-im/wildfire/” type “make install” and follow the instructions.


the JRE is fine for Wildfire.

If you want to compile the wildfire_src you’'ll need the JDK.