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RPM request for Spark

It was announced this AM that Spark Manager will be re-released for support under Openfire-3.3.0. From what I can see, every supported OS has a spark build that can take advantage of this except Linux.

Openfire has an RPM Installer (albeit a bit buggy). Any chance we could set an RPM up for spark as well? Perhaps give the Linux Spark the same updater capabilities?

Just a thought. If there’'s anything I can do to help make this request happen, please let me know.

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Are Spark Linux RPM’'s in such small demand?

C’‘mon. Can’'t we make this happen?

Hey Jay,

Sooooooooo, would you be willing to make one and hand it off to us Just an idea, and I love community participation.



See? Now was that so hard?

Sure. I’'ll put one together. All ya had to do was ask.