RSM (XEP-0059) and PubSub

Good afternoon,

I see that OpenFire supports XEP-0059, but this does not seem to be working with pubsub? I can write a message thusly:

<iq type='set'  from='user@domain'  to='pubsub.domain'  id='items1'>
        <pubsub xmlns=''><items node='nodeName'/>
         <set xmlns=''>

But, the reponse does not limit the number of items returned, it simply appends


to the end of the return stanza.

Is this not fully supported for PubSub functionality?

The pubsub spec doesn’t allow for that. The only place (I believe) where RSM could be used (could not must) is when you request all items, like you do in your request. The results may return a partial set that is truncated with a RSM tag. Of course it doesn’t mention anywhere that you can use RSM to page through the results after they have been returned, so I am not sure what to make of that.

It does mention that RSM may be used in a future version of the spec for requesting the n most recent item, but that is a potential future item.

Also, from what I remember, Openfire does not actually implement the truncation with RSM.

It says in the RSM spec that it can be used with pubsub? They don’t provide any examples though. I know you can use the max_items attribute to get the n most recent items for now.

Sounds like another needed plug-in : ).