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Rtl support

Hi,how to write from right to left ? how to change the menu ro the right

Thank you,Samir

Hi, you are probably asking about Spark? Then it should be in the Spark forum section (i can move it). Unfortunately Spark doesn’t support this and there is even no arabic language in the the language selection. I will file this in the tracker, but someone would have to add support for this. There is no just a simple menu option to enable this.



Yes I asked about Spark.

Is there a way to do it myself? (Self Development)


I’m not a coder, so can’t tell how exactly it can be done. But i think it should be possible. Spark is based on Java, and i think Java should have support for this. Maybe you should look for examples of other java software, whcih has support for rtl input-output. Spark source code is open, so you can create a patch for it and then contribute to the Spark project.