RTMPConnection class

If you are a XIFF developer and also using Red5 for audio/video streaming as I do, you might want to take a look at the latest release of Redfire as it now supports XMPP over RTMP. This means you create a single RTMPConnection (extends XMPPConnection) and pass/recieve XMPP packets as well RTMP audio/video packets over the same single connection.

For more details, see http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/210901#210901
RTMPConnection.as.zip (2308 Bytes)

Hi there,

Has there been any development since that discussion took place?

I would like to include the RTMPConnection in the XIFF trunk…



Hi Juga,

I did produce a RTMPConnection that works with Redfire plugin. I have not done any work on it since May last year. I have attcahed it to the main post. I hope you find it useful

Ok, its in


But without any changes yet, thus not working…

Hopefully I have time during the weekend to look at it a bit, in order to make it working with the changes that have been done since two years.

Unless of course someone beats me to it…

Now there is an issue for it:


I am curious to see how Video/Audio chat could benefit from this…