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Ruby with gateway to all IM?

Hi, i am developing a web services with Ruby. I was wondering whether is it possible that the web services developed in Ruby able to send a message to IM such as msn, yahoo, icq , aim ,etc ?

I noticed that there is gateway between other IM and jabber, but the gateway is written in python. Is there anyway of sending messages from a ruby program to those IM (msn,yahoo, icq, aim , etc) through Jabber protocol ?

The Python gateways connect to the server and you communicate with them via jabber. If you are connected to the server using jabber via ruby, and you have the gateway connected to messenger, you’'ll be able to connect to the other IM services.


Are there any gateways developed in Java?



Ok clearup abit but few more questions.

I’'m writing a Ruby web services that is incharge of sending messages to IM by connecting through the Jabber Server(most probably using Jive Messenger) on same server with the Web Services code. By sending the message through those gateway add-on to the server, it is now able to send messages to each of the different IM.

  1. What will it appear for a msn user in their contact list? Is the jabber msg sender the same as other msn user on the receipient’'s contact list in terms of text messaging features?

  2. Do the jabber msg sender have to create a msn account to run with the jabber & gateway to be able to send a message to msn? Or Jabber users is able to send/receive message even with it’'s jabber account.

The answer is that the gateway acts as a user on the other service. When logging on to the server if you would like to use the gateway you need to register with it. The username and password you register with is the username and password the user would use to logon to msn through msn messenger, so the jabber msg sender appears just like any other msn user in the contact list and yes they need an account to logon.


Thank you very much.

One last question if you don’'t mind me asking.

Now, if i were to use other development languages such as Ruby, PHP, asp.net instead of java or python. Would i be able to communicate with this Jive Messenger server and other gateway components? Is there any addition steps i need to make?

Generally speaking as long as whichever language you are using you can support XMPP then the answer is yes.