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Run openfire as Service


I have installed openfire under centos 4.4 OS (Clone of Redhat) like :

rpm -ivh openfire.X.Y.rpm

I have read official documenation which indicate how to. In fact i had excuted the follwing script as :

sh redhat-postinstall.sh

sh openfired

When I made service openfired start or status or stop.There is no feedback. I check http://localhost:9090/ or by netstat -an, I didn’‘t find the port 8080 ruuning. When I check the error (cat /opt/openfire/logs/error.log) I didn’'t find anything.

What’'s wrong? please help me.

Hope this help.


have you tried su - to the jive user to see if that user can

#/opt/openfire/bin/openfire start


seems I had that problem and I think it was permissions. also have you edited any of those files, like the /opt/openfire/bin/extras/can’'tremembername-sysconfig

I think there is a file in there with options to edit and then run the postinstall

another bug I founf in /opt/openfire/bin/extra/openfired is openfire.sh. In fact, this file doesn’'t exit, we must replace manualy by openfire (/opt/openfire/bin).

Also when I tye the following command, I have as feedback :

service openfired start

Starting openfire:

service openfired status

openfire is not running

#netstat -an | grep 8080

I dont understand what wrong? Is it a bug?

Please help me.

Did you read this thread?