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Run Openfire as unprivileged user


I’d like to run Openfire as an unpriviledged user. I am using the .tgz install (3.8.1). When I start the service as root, everything works fine. As soon as I start it as the user “openfire”, the web based admin console shows me the setup screen. Openfire is installed under /opt/openfire. The user openfire has the homedirectory set to /opt/openfire.



Not sure about the homedirectory stuff. openfire user should have write permissions on /opt/openfire (recursively).

I do this with change owner command: chown -R jive:users /opt/openfire

jive is my user to run Openfire and he is in the Users group

That’s the case. My use is “openfire” and /opt/openfire, /var/lib/openfire and /etc/openfire are chowned completely to this user.

Maybe Openfire process is still running with the root user in the background?

Thanks, but that not the case also. I have checked it and also the open ports.

I found the problem. The file /etc/openfire/openfire.xml was owned by root and not writable by my custom openfire user. Chowned the file and now the daemon starts correctly.