Running Openfire under Ubuntu - any experiences?


i think i am gonna migrate my Suse system into an Ubuntu system.

Is there anybody out there that got experience in running Openfire under a Ubuntu system?

Thanks you!

I am in the process of building our official .deb packages for Openfire. I have tested it with Debian 4.0r1 but not explicitly with ubuntu. That said, it ought to work like a charm. Just until 3.4.3 you’ll have to use the tar.gz package. I know a number of people that have been running it under debian based systems. Also one of the guys from Ubuntu California just tested out our .deb package and says it’s working like a charm. =) Hope that helps!

I am running our server under Debian stable and its running like a champ, and since ubuntu is built off of Debian I would imagine there is no difference. the only thing I had to do seperate from the install was the init.d script (with help from this forum), but hopefully the .deb file will take care of that

I’m using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 here. Installing openfire_3.4.4_all.deb fails

$ dpkg -i openfire_3.4.4_all.deb

(Reading database … 168713 files and directories currently installed.)

Preparing to replace openfire 3.4.4 (using …/toff/openfire_3.4.4_all.deb) …

Unpacking replacement openfire …

Setting up openfire (3.4.4) …

chown: `openfire:openfire’: invalid group

dpkg: error processing openfire (–install):

subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1

Errors were encountered while processing:


Looks like the .deb tries to give the installed files to the user/group openfire, which doesn’t exist yet.

Hrm. I think what might have happened is that maybe you already had an openfire user without the openfire group? I don’t really know but thank you for this catch! JM-1249

In the meantime, if it did install successfully beyond that, just make sure to create the openfire group and make openfire a member of it, and run:

mkdir -p /var/log/openfire

mkdir -p /var/lib/openfire/embedded-db

chown -R openfire:openfire /usr/share/openfire

chown -R openfire:openfire /var/lib/openfire

chown -R openfire:openfire /var/log/openfire

chown -R openfire:openfire /etc/openfire

chmod -R o-rwx /usr/share/openfire

chmod -R o-rwx /var/lib/openfire

chmod -R o-rwx /var/log/openfire

chmod -R o-rwx /etc/openfire

If it didn’t install at all, create the group, make openfire a member of it, and then reinstall the deb. I’ll make sure to get a fix for that in though! Thanks!

Well, I have Openfire running on Gutsy Gibbon. It works great. I have copied the ‘work’ LDAP system locallly, and I am allowing users to authenticate via LDAP. I also added all my groups to my contact list. This his been the first stage of testing for the live server.

I have found LDAP runs a bit slow on my system. Go to the Live support on Wednesday, if you have any questions. All in all, very beneficial for us to run an internal jabber server. This will increase company security. Add to productivity as well.

Excellent product and I really look forward to trying out every aspect of Openfire.

jadestorm wrote:

Hrm. I think what might have happened is that maybe you already had an openfire user without the openfire group? I don’t really know but thank you for this catch! JM-1249

You were right. I deleted the old openfire user

$ userdel openfire

And could install your package without problems. Thanks.

I’m building up a fresh install with Gutsy Gibbon. I installed OpenFire but when I try to login to th admin page it doesn’t accept my admin password. I must have typed something in wrong during install.

How to I reset the admin password?


~~ full disclosure: Although, I’ve used Wildfire on a Windows box, I’m now using a Linux box. I have to admit, I’m a noob to linux. Its a tough adjustment. So, if anyone has good noob installation docs, let me know, I’ll give them a shot. Right now, I have re-installed the package and am trying to re-run the installation so that so I can re-enter my admin passwords and accounts. thanks!

Look in openfire>conf>openfire.xml

Right near the bottom, you’ll see an entry that looks like this:


change that to read:


Yes, you’ll have to run through setup again…but that takes about a minute, and this time you’ll remember your password. Don’t ask me how I know this :p.

Ok. Since this was a fresh install, I decided to uninstall OpenFire and re-install. The install worked. I made sure of the password I entered was correct and I can now get into the admin console.

Ok, the sledgehammer method will work too .

Finally my Ubuntu 6.06 is ready for a fresh new openfire install.

My Ubuntu-box comes with Plesk 8.3.0 and there you can easily install “modules” (.deb packages).

Through the interface you can simply upload/install a .deb package by picking it right from your harddrive - does anyone have experiences with this methode?

Shall i install openfire this way or the other way via sudo dpkg -i openfire.deb ?

Thanks in advance!

openfire.deb offers some strange behaviours so i sticked to the .tar package and everything is working well