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Running PyMSNt As A Service

I recently configured PyMSNt to work with the latest build of Jive Messenger using Windows, and it works beautifully. However, I would like to be able to run PyMSNt as a service rather than having to keep the console window open at all times. Could someone please tell me how I might accomplish this? Also, what is the best method of making Jive itself run as a service? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for this fine piece of software.

This is just a quick follow up. I managed to get PyMSNt to run as a service using instsrv.exe and srvany.exe. The service allows PyMSNt to start properly, but once stopped, it will not start again. I believe this is because, when using the service to stop PyMSNt, the PID file is not deleted. If I delete this file, the service will then start PyMSNt properly. Thanks again for your support.

This is yet another follow up. I modified the main.py script to not exit if the PID file exists. It seems to be working, but is there a better solution? Also, what is the best solution to start Jive Messenger as a service?

Okay, I got Jive Messenger working as a service. I should read occasionally, sorry. I guess I’'ve answered all of my own questions. Thanks anyway, and thanks again for the excellent software!


I tried the same thing. But where it worked with another prog (phpscript as service) with pymsnt it fails.

I created the service, inserted the necessary Parameters in regedit:

D:\python23\python D:\PYMSNT\src\main.py D:\PYMSNT\config.xml

but nocando.

When i run the above from commandline it works fine though…

Any ideas? rights of the sys user? I set the rights of the D:\PYMSNT folder to Everyone (for testing) but still nothing.

These are the values I have in the registry:

AppDirectory: C:\Program Files\Jive Messenger\PyMSNt\src

Application: C:\Program Files\Python\python.exe

AppParameters: main.py

I just gave a relative path to the script in AppParameters, and never specified the config file.

I hope that helps, but remember, I had to change main.py to ignore the PID file, as the PID file is not removed when the service stops.

Cheers man!

''twas the AppDirectory i was in need of…

Now it runs smoothly at the right place, no lost ‘‘debug.log’’ files wandering around and such.

Thanks for the reminder about the pid-file. I commented the handling out. it seems to work just fine without it. But, as you said before, this might not be the tidiest method…

thanks again!

How did you get the messenger service to work? I install/start service & can see it running in task mgr but no one can connect. If I run gui then they can connect.

Running on XP Home.

Never mind - forgot to allow thru firewall - duh!