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Running smack library based application on j2ME


I have compiled smack 3.1.0 from source on j2se 5 platform and then converted the class files into j2se 1.4 compatible format through retranslator. Now, my application runs fine on J2SE 1.4 platform with the retro-translated library.

However, when i try using this retro-translated library on j2me platform, it gives an error of "java.security.cert.CertificateParsingException". What could be the issue here ?

Do i need to use the retro-translator on j2me platform ( right now i am using the retrotranslator tool on j2se platform and then transferring the output library on j2me ) and then use the converted library?

Any kind of help or an alternative solution would help.

openfire-3.6.4-ldap-starttls.patch.zip (4816 Bytes)

Hi, Nishant.

Did you find any solution for your problem?