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Running Spark 2.5.8 on Vista Business

Hello all,

I’m looking for some help with Spark and Vista Business. I just downloaded the lastest versions of OpenFire and Spark on 10/6/08. OpenFire is installed on a box running Server 2003 R2. I’m having no issues with OpenFire. I have 36 employees using 32 PC’s, some of which are running remotely via the same server in a Citrix environment. I’m having no issues with running Spark in a Citrix environment. Three of my machines on the internal network are running Vista Business SP1 and the rest running XP SP2 or SP3. I’m having no issues with Spark on XP.

I’ve combed through the forum and seen a lot of posts regarding Spark not running on Vista without using the ‘Run as Administrator’ command. When Spark mysteriously isn’t opening when double-clicked, ‘Run as Administrator’ is the typical answer. I never see anything beyond this. My concern is this: I am slowly migrating all of my users to Vista. My Vista users cannot have Spark load at Startup as my XP users do. They have to manually open Spark and select Allow at a security prompt since I have the ‘Run as Administrator’ option checked on the executable. I cannot see that I’m going to continue using Spark without a resolution to this because I can’t have a roadblock, even while passable, in the way of using Spark. My users just won’t use it. If they have to hassle with using ‘Run as Administrator’ they’d rather not bother using it at all.

The error logs that I see are repetitively stating “(Access is denied)” over and over again for each Java command it attempts to run. When using ‘Run as Administrator’, the program opens without a problem. The user’s domain accounts are set to have Administrative access to the machine.

I like Spark as a program and how well it integrates with OpenFire. There are obviously other XMPP IM Clients out there that will connect to OpenFire and work just fine. Although the account set up process to logon to that server can be cumbersome with other programs, these programs don’t require ‘Run as Administrator’ to run. Spark is definitely the simpler way to go, and the preferred program primarily because it does not include built-in protocols to connect to public services such as MSN, GoogleTalk and Yahoo. I don’t want my users to have access to any public IM services, just my internal IM service.

Bottom line: Is there a resolution to using Spark without being forced to use the ‘Run as Administrator’ command?

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide,

Adam Lilland

Onthank Company

Des Moines, IA, USA


Just want to add my comment that I’m experiencing this as well, and it’s pushing me away from Spark as a client, even though it’s otherwise probably the best. I’ve also seen what seems to be a Java-related issue where Spark won’t run at all on Vista after a Java update, even as Administrator, even after uninstalling both Spark and all versions of Java and starting from scratch!

I also notice very few posts in the forums since Fall of '08 - Is this software dying?