Running spark under JDK6

Has anyone manage to get Spark to run under the forthcoming JDK6 yet at all?

Release 2.0.2 dies after connecting with:

amrk@spawn:~/app/spark$ ./Spark

ls: /home/amrk/app/spark/lib/windows: No such file or directory

Error: Couldn’'t find per display information

I’‘ve not pulled any of the code out from subversion yet to play with and see why its dying, but thought I’'d ask here first…

With JDk6 out in a few months it’'d be great to see Spark supporting it…


Hi Mark,

when JDK 1.6 is out Jivesoftwares products Spark and Wildfire will likely support it very soon. For Spark no issue exists, while for Wildfire one can track the JVM1.6 support with JM-755.


I am running Spark under JDK1.6 and it works okie.

Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0-rc-b91)

I do get that same error that you get when Running Spark on my Dual Monitor computer.

It is an error from X server.

But I only have gotten with the Dual Monitors.

With the way Derek has focused on Spark, it would be VERY easy to convert to handle JDK1.6 perfectly. There are few things that would need to be done for support under Linux though, especially with the latest version of Gnome.

JDK1.6 has lots of bugs still with Gnome version 2.14.x